Best Responsive jQuery Sliders

Found an article with 30 of the best responsive jQuery sliders.

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How DNS Works

I came across an awesome kinetic type based video on How DNS Works.


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Adding a Home link to a Bigcommerce Site

You'd think BigCommerce would have a "menu manger" feature to allow editing of menu items through a GUI but alas they do not (probably to stop unwitting store owners from creating confusing menu structures).

Anyway I need to add a "Home" link to the Page Menu so to do this I had to add the following code to the PageMenu.html files AKA %%SNIPPET_PageMenu%%

<li class="First %%GLOBAL_ActivePageHomeClass%%">
<a href="%%GLOBAL_ShopPathNormal%%"><span>%%LNG_MainPage%%</span></a>

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Drupal Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset

During a recent Drupal 6 to 7 upgrade i stated receiving some bewildering error meesages along the lines of;

Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset X of Y

Long story short, it's some antiquated variables stored in the 'Variable' table of the database. The quickest way to identify the offender is to install Variable Check module, enable it, go to /admin/reports/variablecheck and delete the sucka that be causin yo grief!

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Setup Drupal 6 in a Subfolder

Often when I'm replacing a website with Drupal or uploading an upgraded Drupal site, I leave the old site intact and then upload the new site to a subfolder (or subdomain) on the server. The issue then is that you have to tell Drupal to serve the files from the subfolder. To do this in Drupal 6, make the following changes;


1. In the root of the web server, edit the .htaccess file to use the following code;

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