February 16

2019 Personal Symbol of Commitment



I’ve been playfully creating my symbol for 2019 (see Greatest Year Ever 101 – 2019 Masterclass) and turned it into a desktop background yesterday. Here is the symbol by itself and what it means to me.

Josh Howell 2019 Symbol - shareable
My symbol of commitment for 2019.

Courage is represented as a healthy, red heart pumping blood and the essential virtue to vitalise all the other virtues. Courage is what will help me consistently move towards fear and into growth.

Love is represented by a white heart full of light and acceptance. Love is the reason I am doing all of this. When I can truly love myself, I will be able to love anyone else unconditionally. I still have so much more to learn about Love.

The waving line dividing the two sides of the heart is reminiscent of the Yin and Yang and reminds me of the inherent duality of most things, the constant balancing act that is life as well as the oscillating nature of optimal energy.

Patience is represented with the earthen coloured background supporting the heart. All too often I fall from grace because I’ve become impatient and rush or expect others to run to my schedule. All growth requires time so I will practice patience with myself and with others.

Feel free to download a copy and/or share if it inspires you 🙂

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I am a lover of wisdom. A father blessed with two affectionate, joyful daughters. A husband to a kind and patient wife. Inspired by stories of self-actualisation and a personal growth enthusiast.

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