March 10

Hello World! My Name is Josh.



NTR: This post is a WIP since by my very nature I am a WIP but the goal here is to give you an introduction to Josh.

My name is Josh.

My full name is Joshua Michael Howell. Born to Irene and Robert Howell.

I am a Philosopher.

A lover of wisdom.

I am a Creator – not a consumer.

Multiple meanings here but basically its a reference to The Tools by Phil Stutz & Barry Michels.

I am a Husband.

I am fortunate to have a wife who has chosen to share her life with me and continues to help me become a better human being.

I am a Father.

I am fortunate to have two healthy, joyful, amazing, inspiring daughters. I consider it to be one of the highest callings in life to be a parent and is something I wish to perpetually improve upon.

About the author 


I am a lover of wisdom. A father blessed with two affectionate, joyful daughters. A husband to a kind and patient wife. Inspired by stories of self-actualisation and a personal growth enthusiast.

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