​Let's face it, most of us will only go so far when we're setting our own goals and keeping our own score.

But when we've got an ally whose encouraging us to aim a little higher, dig a little deeper and keeping us accountable for the things we said we'll do, w​e show up far more powerfully and achieve our goals more consistently.

​​The definition of coaching that I subscribe to is; assisting others in the development of their full potential.

So my role as the coach is to help you identify what your ​full potential is and assist you in the development of that

​Benefits ​of ​Coaching

  • ​​Explore what the best version of yourself looks like in a safe space free of the judgement of others.
  • ​Begin/continue ​your path to greater health, happiness and prosperity.
  • ​Discover ​more about yourself ​thereby enabling you to understand others better and experience ​​more compassion.
  • ​Identify what your limiting beliefs are. The upper limits that are holding you back from achieving what you desire in life.
  • ​Create an action plan to overcome ​these limits and ​be supported ​by someone who knows the inherent ​challenge of rising above your fears.
  • ​Your ​children/loved ones experience a more ​radiant, energised, caring version of you.
  • ​Your employees / co-workers / boss witness a more productive, purpose-driven and are encouraged by this.
  • ​Your friends are inspired by your new found zest for life and seek their own growth.

​Is Coaching Right for You?

​Coaching ​isn't for everyone. It depends where you are on your journey.

​What ​Coaching ​Is

  • Looking within to discover who you are, what you want and/or why you’re here facilitated by another person on the same inward journey.
  • ​A safe space to share the ​thoughts that keep you up at night (be they positive or negative).
  • ​A dance of mutual growth where both coach and coachee learn from one-another, like two sides of the same coin.

​What ​Coaching ​Isn’t

  • ​A polite, friendly, chat about surface level ​bullshit.​
    We want to go deep because that's where the gold is.
  • ​A therapy session in which you play the victim and complain about how everyone else is the problem.
    - You need to be prepared to own your actions, choices and beliefs.
  • ​A relationship of dependency.
    - The goal is to help you reach a point where you can “coach yourself” through any challenge and/or pursue any achievement.

Do you feel both excited AND scared? If so, awesome! That’s a great indication you’re ready ​for exponential growth.

Let's have some fun discovering what you're really capable of...

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