​Josh ​Howell

​​​​Multidisciplinary Web Guy


I'm ​Josh Howell

​​​​Multidisciplinary Web Guy


About Me

H​i, ​my name is ​Josh Howell​.

​For the past decade ​I've been building websites for a variety of small to medium businesses primarily using Drupal and open source technologies. Self development/discovery and my family are my two biggest passions.

Basic information

Personal Details

Professional Website: ​​webgeek.digital

Location: Wodonga, VIC Australia

Email: ​hello@​​joshuahowell.org

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Things I Like to Do


​​​The "love of wisdom" inspires me to learn from great minds and reflect upon life, reality, the universe and meaning.


​​Stretching ​my mind with new ideas and alternative perspectives on existing, ​from a variety of non fiction books.


​​​Hiking​ up the nearby hills in fresh, clean air for invigorating exercise surrounded by the beauty of nature.

​Family Time

​Spending time with my wife and two young daughters, playing ​games or just having a laugh together.


I'm Good At

​Web Design

​Creating eye catching web designs that are engaging, appeal to target audiences and ​enhances content.

Web Development

​Building feature rich, easy to use, professional quality websites which are fast loading and responsive.

Tech Support

​Delivering training, solving client technical ​problems, resolving web hosting, ​domain name & email issues.

Branding / ​Print​

Designing unique logos and print based media inc. business cards, brochures, newspaper ads, etc.

Technical Skill Levels (self assessed)












Work Experience

Now: I am focused on building WebGeek.

DECEMBER 2012 - APRIL 2018

​Owner​, Designer & Developer

​Joshua Howell / Self Employed

Becoming my own boss didn't change my role significantly as there were only a few extra skills to learn such as invoicing, networking, etc. Working from home allowed me to achieve a better home/life balance so I could be an involved father while still supporting my family financially. I learnt to outsource aspects of projects where I did not have the skill set or time to complete it myself which has given me a taste for managing others.

​​APRIL 2010 -​ NOVEMBER 2012

​Web Developer & Digital Marketing Coordinator

​Shock 'n' Awe Media

Eldridge Advertising & Marketing was re-branded as Shock 'n' Awe Media and my role changed to include: client acquisition and meetings, writing website proposals, website planning and documentation, website design and development, user training, technical support and maintenance, email marketing, online advertising, creating virtual tours for ​real estate, general IT support.

​​​​​DECEMBER 2007 - ​APRIL 2010

​Web Developer

​Eldridge Technology Solutions

​Hired straight out of completion of my ​diploma of digital media, I began building websites for the sister companies ​using Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS. I was then tasked with building a new real estate website and Drupal become my CMS of choice​. Afterwards my job role then became sourcing clients, writing proposals and building websites for external customers to​ validate my continued position in the business.


​​Recent Areas of Study

MAR 2018 - APRIL 2018

​W​ebsite Consultant / Business System Template

​WP Elevation Blueprint, ​Online

​This course ​was designed to teach everything that is required to position oneself as a website consultant, write better & higher value proposals, the art of the anti-follow up, client on-boarding, systemised delivery of projects, creation of a referral machine and lots more (is NOT dependant on WordPress as it's more about the business systems and processes).

​SEP 20​17 - ​NOV 20​17

​​Business Systemisation Incubator Course

​​SystemHUB / David Jenyns, ​Online

​This course was run over 3 months, delivered online in a group call environment with homework tasks assigned to help implement the ideas. It purpose was designed to teach the principles for systemising and scaling your own business. I learnt a lot from this course despite not systemising my own business yet (due to lack of clarity) the main take away for me was “All business problems ARE system problems”.

​​MAY 20​17 - ​​PRESENT


​​​Optimize.me, ​Online

​​After discovering Brian Johnsons' work to become a professional philosopher, I have been ​​studying the masterclasses and philosopher's notes on ​a variety of topics, in the pursuit of optimal living through incremental optimisation in order to actualise ​my potential, aka to becom​e the best version of ​​myself.

Previous Formal Studies

​FEB 2006 - ​NOV 2007

​Diploma of Digital Media

​Riverina TAFE​, Wagga Wagga

​Th​is course covered a multitude of subjects and required ​the development of a foundation in traditional art (design principles, pencils, painting, sketching) before proceeding to digital art.  It also included brief exposure to video production including sound recording and provided an introduction to numerous other areas of digital media including web design.

​FEB 200​​3 - ​NOV 200​4

​Diploma of ​IT - Systems Administration

TAFE NSW Coffs Harbour Education Campus, Coffs Harbour

​This course ​provided all the required learning to go from an introduction to the Microsoft Office suite all the way through to administration of networks using Windows Server. It included supplementary topics such as time management, project management​ and documentation.


Client Testimonials


​For a layperson, it’s hard to put into words how you want your website to look and feel to readers. But, it was very easy to talk to Josh. He had lots of great suggestions, but he was honest, too: He’d tell me if something wouldn’t work and offered alternatives. 



P​ractice Manager at Dental on Lawrence


​Josh came across as being honest and professional. He delivered exactly what he promised to the budget and time-frames we set.

He was just a good guy to deal with and you can’t ask for more than that. 



Di​rector of Skills Unlimited Services


​Joshua was so easy to work with. He completely reorganised our site and made it simple for me to add new material. But, if I need Josh to do something more technical, he’s always straight onto it. ​With Josh, nothing’s a problem – he just makes it happen.



D​irector of ​Veterinary Oncology Consultants

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​Give me a call​, send me an email or let's arrange a Skype chat. The best way to contact me is usually via email as I do set my phone to airplane mode when doing deep work.


Phone number

0​434 412 710


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